Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EcoStiletto - The Ultimate Guide to All Things Chic and Eco

School may be out for summer, but if you want to be in the eco-know we have a site you'll want to add to your summer reading list. A big THANK YOU to EcoStiletto for recommending Hopscotch Kids WaterColors nail polish in their enlightening piece on the hidden hazards of nail polish!

Most of the major polish brands are going “big three free,” meaning they’ve taken the most well known toxic ingredients—formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate(DBP)—out of their formulas. But some still contain chemical solvents, typically acetate derivatives (that’s the stuff that makes it stinky). And some have gotten flak for “hidden” ingredients like formaldehyde resin, which may not be listed on

The article starts off listing some of the bigger chemical offenders and then some lesser, let's say misdemeanor, options. And finally you get to the water-based category where you'll find us:

The Hopscotch Kids WaterColors line is designed for rugrats, but moms-in-the-know grab it first. Hopscotch founder and mother of four Ginny Cardenas says that when you first use water-based polish, you may notice that it peels and chips because the polish is drawing away the solvents that your old polish left behind, but after a few treatments with water-based polish, you’ll never know the difference. We’re not sure on the science, but our pretty polish stayed on and we’re counting the days until Scotch Naturals for adults launches next month.

We love that they saved the best--and safest--for last! Read the full article on EcoStiletto and be sure sign up for the newsletter and enter to enter to win a Hopscotch Kids WaterColors Twin Pack.

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