Monday, July 26, 2010

The case for non-toxic nails….but, what does it all mean?

As most of you know, or have heard, or read about recently there is increasing concern over the toxicity of our cosmetics in this country. A landmark bill was introduced in Congress last week dealing with this very issue. As a whole, the FDA is very lax about what chemicals are allowed in our beauty products. Chemicals that have been known to cause all types of cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities, reproductive issues and more.

Nail Polish – Traditional vs. “Big 3 Free”

Traditional nail polishes are one of the most toxic cosmetic products you can buy, and most people are not even aware that these toxins are absorbed as quickly into your nail bed as they are into your skin. Not to mention the toxins your are breathing into your lungs. Traditional nail polishes include nasty ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate otherwise known as “The Big Three”. Removers and hardeners associated with acrylic nails and shellac treatments contain an even longer, harder to pronounce list of damaging ingredients.

Many nail polish manufacturers have agreed to be “Big 3 Free” and tout themselves as "non-toxic" or “safe.” Is it true? The fact of the matter is NO - they are neither safe nor non-toxic. You can be “Big 3 Free” and still contain a bevy of petrochemicals, solvents and unsafe colorants. What are glycol ethers (butyl and ethyl acetates)? Solvents that have been shown to cause reproductive damage. Nitrocellulose? That's the main ingredient in dynamite and a highly flammable hazardous material. What are FD&C colors? Cancer causing colorants shown to increase hyperactivity in lab rats. Lake and coal tars? Petrochemicals. Check other “safe” kids and adult nail polishes and see the results. It might surprise you to see what’s hiding in “safe” nail polishes.

Why Hopscotch Kids?

Hopscotch Kids is truly the safest nail polish for kids on the market. We have three ingredients. Three. Water, water-miscible acrylic polymer emulsion, and natural colorants. That’s it. While we are not “completely natural” - no nail polish is, we have made it our mission to be the safest and highest salon-quality product available. We are using the same formula for our adult line, SCOTCH Naturals, using amazing natural colorants that make our polish truly safe and “Eco-Chic”.

What do you mean “Salon-Quality?”

Hopscotch Kids is the only water based nail polish on the market that has such vibrant, rich colors that dry in 3 minutes to a high gloss. With the proper preparation of little nails, our colors will look and last like traditional nail polishes. There is no need for a basecoat or topcoat, so professional looking nails are quick and easy to achieve - which makes the manicure and pedicure process fun for Mom and kids.

But it is more expensive than other “kids” nail polishes.

You’re right. We are a little more expensive than other kids “non-toxic” nail polishes. That’s because we have such a high quality, truly safe, non-toxic product. Our polishes are designed to last with just two coats of polish, eliminating the need to purchase separate topcoat and basecoat (saving you money and time). Our bottles of polish contain cutting edge technology providing ease of use and a longer shelf life than other “water-based” polishes. Every aspect of Hopscotch Kids, from our lead-free Italian glass bottles, to our specially designed kid-sized brushes makes us a superior product. We named each of our colors after playground and nursery school games in order to celebrate the innocence of childhood. Your kids deserve the best, and we have made it our mission to keep kids innocent and playful for as long as possible. Our two coat colors will last for weeks, but the memories created by using our products will last a lifetime.

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