Monday, July 26, 2010

What About Me?

“Don’t Forget the Little Dude!”

When we were in LA last month at the awesome Sweet Pea Organics launch party at the COOP LA, we were so excited at how many cool little dudes wanted their nails and toes done! It doesn’t surprise us though because we have the best shades of red, blues, greens and a black that make a great little “man” icure!

Here’s a couple fun ideas to try if little brother doesn’t want to be left out of the fun:

The “Spider-Mani” Take our Red Rover, Ink – a – Bink Blue, and Miss Mary Mack Black and alternate fingers and toes red, blue and black. Three minutes to dry and he’ll be ready to climb to greatness.

The “Aqua-Mani” Take our Eenie Meenie Greenie, Miss Mary Mack Black and Heads Up 7 Up Lime Green and alternate dark green, light green and black. The perfect colors for a little under-sea superhero.

The “Super-Mani” – Take our Three Sailors went to Sea Sea Sea Blue and alternate fingers and toes with our Red Rover. Unstoppable!

Find and purchase all of these great kid friendly colors at our Hopscotch Kids website. Keep an eye out for our new website design with our updated colors! Coming Soon!

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