Friday, August 6, 2010

Great Review from Natural Mommie!

A BIG thank you to Natural Mommie for the spectacular review! We love you too!!

I’m always happy to feature
Raspberry Kids on Natural Mommie. This online lifestyle store is Canadian, full of the newest products for babies and kids and just a happy little place to shop on the net. It’s a bright, cheery and inviting webstore much like owner, Sue Sinclair! Her refreshing approach to shopping for safe and fun children’s products is contagious – take a look at the site, twitter and facebook page and you’ll know what I mean!

A new product in stock at Raspberry Kids is an item that’s making noise all over the web. It’s eco-friendly SALON QUALITY nail polish called Hopscotch Kids!

These nail polishes are truly non-toxic and safe for children. They are water-based nail polishes that are produced without toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, acetone, or heavy metals. There are no noxious fumes or odors and no yellowing or drying of nails! Salon quality means that mommies can wear them too!

Along with this gorgeous collection of brightly pigmented nail polishes is non-toxic polish remover. It’s all natural, corn based and is formulated with Aloe and Vitamin E conditioners.

My experience? Well since I don’t have little princesses in the house {though I do have a few handsome princes haha}, I tried the polishes out on myself! The Bubble Gum in a Dish is sooo pretty. It’s a sort of a raspberry/fuchsia/hot pink color. Incredibly shiny, dimensional and quick drying – it’s definitely salon quality. It dries perfectly even without any lines from the brush {I can’t think of the proper word for this – estheticians, help me out!} and the color is consistent. Even though it’s called the Water Color collection, the polish isn’t watery or too thin. How pretty is this?? {Please ignore my hangnails and dry cuticles, I’m in desperate need of a manicure}

With safe polishes like this on the market, I’m surprised that the toxic ones are even an option. At $12.99 a bottle, they’re more than the brand I normally reach for at $8.99, but in the end, what’s $4 extra when the bottle is going to last me over a year and I don’t have to inhale noxious fumes to have nails this pretty for my date with hubby tonight!

Mommies of little girls, you’ll love this polish and the huge array of colors you can pick from. Check out the collection

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