Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Munchkins and Goblins and Witches – Oh My!

You can green your Halloween.
It’s Halloween time again, and while we want to enjoy all the spooktacular aspects of the season, we believe it’s possible to have all the scary fun you want safely. Where costumes are concerned, there are loads of eco friendly options. Swapping costumes with other families or altering existing costumes means less waste and gives kids the chance to create their own one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Of course, no costume is complete without the finishing touches of the perfect Halloween manicure. Hopscotch Kids has specially created Halloween Party Packs for the season and our eleven vibrant colors are sure to match any costume from superhero to princess!

Pumpkin Patch Party Pack - Our orange, green and black create the perfect pumpkin! Start by applying our Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater orange to the nails. Two coats works best and allow drying time in between. (3-5 minutes) After the nails have dried completely, dip a toothpick or unwound paper clip in our Miss Mary Mack black. Then you can draw the face of the jack (or jane) o’lantern right on the nail bed. Add a square of green on the top of the nail and presto! The perfect pumpkin. Options are endless with our orange and black – from little bats and cats on each nail to spiders and witches brooms. For Mom’s who want to keep it simple, Halloween polka dots are always an adorable option.

Witchy Poo Party Pack - is a great costume completer for your little witches, ghouls and goblins. We love to just alternate our Heads up Seven Up lime green, Say, Say oh Playmate Purple and Miss Mary Mack black. We love a black witches hat on our lime green or purple nails. The sky’s the limit and creativity is key. As always,Hopscotch Kids is non-toxic and safe for our little ones!

And to tie the whole look together, check out these great non-toxic face paints from Terra Firma Beauty, available online at Terra Firma Cosmetics And if you feeling adventurous you can make your own click here for a fun how-to provided by

Speaking of Green Halloween® we are proud to be included in their grassroots movement created in 2007 to create healthier, earth-friendly holidays. While Halloween is generally associated with loads of candy and crazy makeup, there are ways to green your Halloween and create a fun memories for your kids by choosing crafts and costumes with a conscience. Some of the amazing ideas brought to us by Green Halloween® learn more here include hosting and participating in a “costume swap” locally and creating non-toxic face paints at home found with readily available ingredients. Simple and cute felt bag crafts are perfect for trick-or-treating and save the planet from yet another plastic bag. There are so many simple and creative ways to do your part to help the planet and each other.

Enjoy your Green Halloween from all of us at Hopscotch Kids!

Together, we can make a difference and change the world. Play Safely.